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Our U-Shaped Under Tank gives 360-degrees of coverage to nurse anywhere confidently! Modest Middles give you easy access to any style nursing bra and make any shirt breastfeeding friendly!

How to Wear a Modest Middles (1-minute video)  problem solution

As a mom of 8, I invented Modest Middles Nursing Under Tanks out of necessity. I wanted to breastfeed without showing my post-pregnancy middle and have quick, easy access to my nursing bra. I had lots of questions about breastfeeding, pregnancy and birth, usually at 2am!

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Modest Middles Breastfeeding FAQ Video Blog

“I hope the Q and A sessions I recorded with my favorite certified lactation consultant help you when you find yourself up in the middle of the night with a breastfeeding question.”~Amy Maschue aka The Talk Mom


(These videos are for informational purposes only.
Please contact your doctor or lactation professional to get personalized advice.)

Breastfeeding the first few days…What is engorgement with no milk after birth?

Breastfeeding the first few days… what no one told you!

What should you know about breastfeeding a premature baby?

What should you know about breastfeeding and pumping?

Can a breastfeeding baby get constipated?

Can a breastfeeding mom get a mammogram?

Can a mom who smokes safely breastfeed a baby?

Can a mom with a nipple piercing breastfeed successfully?

Can babies with cleft palate, down syndrome or other disabilities breastfeed successfully?

Can breastfeeding prevent illness in a baby?

Can moms get tattoos while breastfeeding? Is it safe?

Can you continue nursing while pregnant? Is it safe for the new baby?

Can you dye your hair or get hair treatments while breastfeeding?

Can you spoil a baby by nursing or holding too frequently?

Can you unfreeze pumped breastmilk in the microwave to warm?

How do you deal with reflux and spitting up with breastfeeding babies?

How do you deal with reflux and spitting up with breastfed babies?

Do breastfed babies need additional vitamin supplements?

Do breastfed babies need fluoride supplements?

What are some formula recommendations when you need to supplement breastmilk?

What are some general suggestions for nursing in public?

How can a mom relieve discomfort when breasts are engorged?

How can exercise effect breastfeeding?

How does a baby’s duration and frequency of feeding change over time?

How does an over or under active thyroid effect breastfeeding?

Can lactose in breastmilk cause fussiness or allergies?

How is breastfeeding effected when mom/baby has food allergies?

How does breastfeeding benefit a baby?

How often should a mom pump when returning to work?

How often will baby wake in the night and when will she sleep through the night?

How do you breastfeed with inverted or flat nipples?

How do you handle someone who doesn’t support you while breastfeeding?

How do you find a lactation consultant on the internet?

How do you wean your baby from breastfeeding?

How do you care for an older child while breastfeeding a new baby?

What are some practical ideas to make returning to work easy for a breastfeeding mom and baby?

If a baby is fussy can it be the result of a lactose allergy to breastmilk?

I have to have surgery with anesthesia, how long should I wait to breastfeed?

If a child has surgery how long should you wait to breastfeed?

If breastfeeding is so natural why isn’t it easy for all moms and babies?

If you have abundant milk supply can you donate it for other babies?

If you have an abundant milk supply can you donate it for other babies?

If you stop nursing can you relactate?

Is caffeine safe to eat and drink while breastfeeding?

Is it better for a breastfed baby to feed on demand or on a schedule?

Is it normal to stop menstruation while nursing?

Is it safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding?

Is it normal for my breasts to leak while I’m pregnant?

I’m pregnant, do I need to do anything to prepare to breastfeed my baby?

How long should I breastfeed my baby?

Is it normal for my nipples to change color and size during pregnancy?

How can I tell if my nipples are flat or inverted?

How do I know if my breasts are functioning normally?

Are prescription medications safe to take while breastfeeding?

Are tanning beds safe while breastfeeding?

Is it safe to smoke while breastfeeding?

Is it safe to smoke or use smoking cessation medication while nursing?


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