FREE Ideas for Busy Parents (and Professionals)

Free downloads for Parents and Professionals (scroll down)

FREE Stuff for Parents

Developmental Calendars….Ideas to Make the Most of Every Day Interactions

Enjoy January…Remember, there’s always time for talking!!! (Click here to get a link to download The 10 Minutes for Talking January Calendar for FREE!)

10 Minutes for Talking January Newsletter Kids Birth to 5
Get JANUARY ideas to maximize your child’s communication in your daily activities!
Be Mine. Talk to Me. Love Me.
Get ideas to maximize communication during daily activities in FEBRUARY!
Go Green Everyday in March!
Get great MARCH ideas to maximize communication with your child during everyday activities.

Busy Bee Creations…Step-by-Step Arts and Crafts to do with Kids using Everyday Items

Thank you to my daughter who put all these crafts together in Step-By-Step picture sheets so you can do these crafts with your kids or even let them try to make the crafts on their own.

busy bee pirate

Pirate Hat & Patch Craft: Step-By-Step Picture Guide

More Crafts Coming Soon

How to Play Videos…Step-by-Step Examples of How to Maximize Communication Playing with Toys and Books

cootie picture

The Cootie Game: How to Play with Kids of All Ages

More Videos Coming Soon

FREE Stuff for Professionals

10 Minutes for Talking Observational Rating Scale (a free tool developed by Amy Maschue, M.S. CCC-SLP for parents and professionals to use to determine a child’s current communication strengths and needs. Can be used to informally identify need for intervention, plan intervention and describe progress in communication development)

Video Continuing Education Coming Soon


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