(Answers to FAQs are for informational purposes only.)

As a speech-language pathologist, I love to learn and talk about communication development. When I meet someone and they find out I’m a speech therapist, it is very common for them to either (a) share that they had speech therapy as a kid or (b) ask a question about their own child’s speech and language development. I consider it a privilege to share the knowledge I have gained to ease their mind or help them know where to seek the best help for their child.

Several years ago, I began receiving questions over email. Below you will find links to videos of frequently asked questions (FAQs) from parents about communication development. New videos will be posted as soon as possible. If you have a question for me, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions from Parents Answered by

“The Talk Mom”Amy Maschue, M.S. CCC-SLP

Get ideas to promote communication in daily activities.
There’s always time for talking!
  1. How can I get my 2 year-old to use words instead of having a tantrum when he’s upset?
  2. Can my 3-week old infant communicate?
  3. My 1 year-old grunts, but isn’t talking yet. When will he start talking?
  4. Are early talkers early readers?
  5. What’s the difference between babbling and cooing? Why is it important?
  6. My child mostly gives yes/no answers. How can we have more of a conversation?
  7. Are girls better talkers than boys?
  8. My older son talks for his younger sibling. How can I help my younger child find his voice?

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