My Family

My Family

Hello, my name is Amy Maschue (aka “The Talk Mom”). I am a mom of 8 and a certified speech-language pathologist (M.S. CCC-SLP). I am now primarily a stay-at-home mom but continue to work as a SLP on a consulting basis.

I have worked as a speech therapist and supervisor in several settings, including, early intervention, daycare, home-based intervention, center-based programs, and schools in Phoenix Arizona and across the USA via telepractice. I evaluate and provide therapy for children ages 0-18 in individual and group sessions with a variety of speech and language impairments, including, autism spectrum disorder, general speech and/or language delay, Down’s Syndrome, apraxia of speech, stuttering, voice, at-risk populations, etc. I specialize in helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other communication difficulties become effective communicators by teaching families how to use the real, engaging dialogues that happen during daily routines to provide a language-rich environment to notice and practice conversational language skills.

Through my work as a SLP, I began training and presenting to parents and professionals interested in maximizing communication in daily activities. Those talks are in book form, available at Amazon under the title 10 Minutes for Talking. There are two books in the 10 Minutes for Talking Series. How to Raise a Strong Communicator in 10 Minutes a Day is written for parents of children with typical communication development ages 0-5. The Special Needs Home Program Guidebook is written for parents and professionals working with any special needs child.

Busy and always looking for practical solutions to daily challenges, I am also the designer of Modest Middles Nursing Tank Tops. Want to know more? Visit www.modestmiddles.com


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