Family Vacation Ideas to Communicate to the MAX!

Sand can fuel a creative mind!
Sand can fuel a creative mind!

Our family loves going to the beach. Spring Break family vacations offer many amazing opportunities to share new experiences as well as to fondly remember vacations past. Here are a few ideas to communicate to the MAX on your vacation this Spring Break:

  1. Bring color wonder coloring books, books on CD, music, family photo albums with last year’s vacation pictures to keep kids busy and communicating in the car.
  2. Prepare the kids for who they will meet or reconnect with. Kids may not remember last year when they met Aunt Edna.
  3. Use words like, first, next and last to chunk information and help your kids be successful at new activities and tasks (e.g., First, get a bucket of wet sand. Then dump the bucket. Last, I’ll help you shape your castle.)

Whether you are heading to the warm weather of the beach or anywhere else this Spring Break, I hope these three suggestions help make your trip tons of fun and full of communication!


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