Playtime Mischief: A Sheriff, Clown & Princess

Dress up is one of my favorite activities to do with kids. I find it to be an activity that spurs their imaginations and lets me enter into the play at many levels.

What kind of mischief will a Sheriff, a princess and a clown get into?
What kind of mischief will a Sheriff, a princess and a clown get into?

There are times when I need to get something done and need the kids to play on their own….dress up is the go to activity. I’ll help them find their costumes and talk about what might happen when the Sheriff, Princess and Court Clown get together in the grand hall, then let them play.  Once I’m done with my work or task, I’ll ask about or check in on their play, but usually find that they don’t need me. They are having fun and growing their language together!

During times that I can be a little bit more involved (e.g., loading and unloading the dishwasher or folding laundry), I’ll be a minimal character in their play. I might be the judge when the troublesome clown doesn’t make people laugh and sentence him to three tickles or be the distance reporter describing the princess’ ordination as the sheriff performs the ceremony.

When I get time to be a full-fledged cast member in the play, I really have fun. I may just wear a silly hat or be the waiter at the ball serving pretend appetizers of pig’s feet with chocolate sauce or worms with cheddar cheese sauce (note this is the menu you get when a Court Clown is also the Chef), but my kids and I are sharing multiple, animated exchanges that are building memories.


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