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As a speech therapist and mom of 8, I am passionate about helping kids communicate and empowering parents to use the magic moments of everyday activities to raise strong communicators!

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I invented Modest Middles on the playground nursing my 4th child. She was 2 months old and it was my first time venturing out with all four kids 5 and under on my own. I thought the park will be easy. The 4 and 5-year-olds can play on the playground and the 2-year-old can play sand toys at my feet while I enjoy the sunny day nursing the new baby. Haha! Of course, the 2-year-old wanted nothing to do with the sand toys. Instead, he climbed the big kid playground. I stood at the edge of the platform, one arm up to guide my little guy to the slide and one arm holding the new baby close to my chest as she nursed. My chest was covered by my shirt and my nursing cover, but my post-pregnancy belly, back and sides were on full display. I thought…if I could cut a U out of the front of a fitted tank top, I could nurse anywhere and no one would even know! And that’s exactly what I went home and did.

Modest Middles are worn under any shirt. You can wear the nursing bra that fits you best (no more uniboob) and wear the cute shirts that have been hanging in your closet for 9 months. Your Modest Middles give you 360-degree coverage and the confidence to breastfeed anywhere comfortably. You can buy Modest Middles now at (click here) or coming soon on Amazon.

Also, you can get tons of great information from my Modest Middles blog that includes interviews and FAQs with a lactation consultant and certified midwife.